GLSEN Massachusetts Educator Retreat

January 23-25, 2015 in Provincetown, Massachusetts. 

More information and registration details for the 2015 GLSEN MA Educator Retreat coming soon!

For more than 15 years, the GLSEN Massachusetts Educator Retreat in Provincetown has been a core event for GLSEN Massachusetts.  Teachers, guidance counselors, nurses, administrators and other K-12 education professionals come to Provincetown to share ideas and explore best practices.  Providing a safe and welcoming environment is the cornerstone of the Educator Retreat.  Through workshops and social events, attendees experience a wide array of topics.  LGBTQ educators and allies come to the Educator Retreat for different reasons.  However, everyone shares common goals of supporting our students by enriching their lives with an educational setting that embraces all students.

Provincetown in January is quite a magical place.  The beaches and streets are quiet, yet the energy brought by more than 50 educators makes the city vibrant.  Educators arrive Friday evening to a welcome reception where new attendees and veteran participants meet in a relaxed setting.  Workshop sessions begin early Saturday morning and end late in the afternoon.  Through these workshops, educators collaborate to problem solve and view new ideas they can bring back to their schools.  Whether it’s energizing a GSA, discovering curriculum designs, or being inspired by personal stories, every educator leaves with a renewed sense of purpose.  A Saturday evening reception and group dinner leads the way to new friendships and partnerships.  The weekend ends Sunday morning with a group role play and brainstorming session as educators discuss real world issues and work together to find solutions.  Of course, the final part of the weekend is a scrumptious Sunday brunch just before people head off the Cape.

If you have questions about the Educator Retreat, please call or text (617) 68GLSEN or email

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