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  • Professional Development for Educators

    One of GLSEN Northeast Ohio's key roles in the community is to educate about important LGBTQ issues in schools and how to make K-12 schools safer for all students regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity and/or expression.

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  • Know Your Rights!

    You have the right to be yourself! If you have experienced or are experiencing bullying or harassment in school make sure to reference the ACLU/GLSEN created 'Know Your Rights Card.' 

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GLSEN Northeast Ohio
P.O. Box 93513
Cleveland, OH 44101
Phone: 216-556-0960
Email: Northeastoh@chapters.glsen.org

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Latest News and Announcements

  • Express Yourself

    What does it mean to express yourself and use your voice and creativity to share messages and/or to create change?


    Youth Conference

    GLSEN Northeast Ohio's 8th Annual Youth Conference provides LGBTQ and Straight Ally high students a safe environment with workshops to prepare them to be leaders in their communities.

  • Latino Heritage

    Latino Heritage

    This is an exciting time to celebrate Latino heritage as we recognize the many ways that people of Hispanic descent from all over the world have added to the collective culture of the United States.

  • Day of Silence Guide for Educators

    Find out more about what The Day of Silence (DOS) is, how students can participate, and how you as an educator can support them. 


    Educators! Support Your GSA!

    Want to build or strengthen a GSA at your school? Watch this webinar for information, guidance and resources!


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