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  • Back-to-School with GLSEN

    Starting August 25th, GLSEN will present 25 resources in 25 days, providing ways that students, educators and other supporters can help make their schools safer for all students.

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  • NIKE-GLSEN Oregon Youth Sports Summit 2014

    Apply today! The Summit is open to both LGBTQ and Ally students and athletic staff (coaches, PE Teachers).

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  • Welcome to GLSEN Oregon

    Volunteer with GLSEN Oregon by signing up here!!! We are looking for committed and passionate volunteers that want to make Oregon schools safer for all students!

  • GLSEN Oregon Professional Development

    We can help you and your staff develop the knowledge and skills needed to create and sustain safe, inclusive, respectful and healthful environment for all your students.

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GLSEN Oregon
PO Box 2945
Portland, OR 97208
Phone: 503-683-1748
Email: oregon@chapters.glsen.org

Latest News and Announcements

  • Safe Schools Improvement Act (S. 403 / H.R. 1199)

    Safe Schools Improvement Act (S. 403 / H.R. 1199)

    Bullying creates an environment where students don’t feel safe, and can’t learn. Learn how the Safe Schools Improvement Act requires schools to enact anti-bullying policies that protect all students, including LGBT students, from bullying.

  • GLSEN Oregon's 10th Annual Nike Youth Forum

    GLSEN Oregon's 10th Annual Nike Youth Forum

    GLSEN Oregon partnered with Nike to bring together 400+ students together to celebrate being true!

  • Activities Throughout the Year

    If you’re looking for activities to do in your school as an individual or with your GSA, look no further. We’ve got resources for a number of events throughout the year that you can use to celebrate LGBT heroes! 


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