Volunteer With GLSEN Washington State Today!

To volunteer or apply for an internship, fill out and submit our online application.

All volunteers are required to pass a Washington State Background check, conducted after your application is received, before volunteering with GLSEN Washington State. Once your application and background check are processed you will be required to attend one of our quarterly volunteer training/orientation.

GLSEN has 4 committees (see descriptions below) and an office volunteer position, which you can volunteer for. A committee volunteer will work with the committee chair to develop programs, initiatives, and funding for the committee's specific focus. A committee volunteer is asked to attend the committee meetings or communicate with the committee chair of your responsibilities and tasks. A committee volunteer typically works 2-5 hours per month and can always work more if they would like. A office volunteer works 3 hours per week or 12 hours per month in our office located in Seattle.

Contact our volunteer coordinator for more information at volunteer@wagsa.org.

Committee Descriptions
Educational Summits Committee
Purpose: Support students and educators through workshops and networking opportunities, in developing skills to create safe schools.

  • Summit Planner - assist the Summit organizer board member with the planning, development and coordination of GLSEN WA annual leadership student focus conference summit(s).

Professional Development Committee
Purpose: Provide safe space training, resource distribution, and consultations with K-12 teachers, staff administrators, and community partners.

  • Trainer - facilitate trainings with teachers, staff administrators, and community partners using the safe space kit and GLSEN materials.
  • Organizer/Outreach - assist committee chair with organizing trainings, finding a trainer to facilitate and develop partnerships with schools and communities for future trainings.

Development Committee
Purpose: Raise finances through fundraising, grants, and sponsorships to support GLSEN programming and GLSEN committees.

  • Grant Writing - grants will be used mostly to support educational summits and professional trainings throughout each year.
  • Corporate Fund Raising - we are looking for volunteers with experience in corporate fund raising and development to help us expand this department of the FunD committee.
  • Fund Raising Events - we do several fundraising events each year. We are looking for volunteers interested in developing and implementing successful fundraising events.

Office Volunteer
Purpose: To provide office administrator support to the overall organization. As an office volunteer you will be expected to come into the Seattle office 3 hours per week or 12 hour per month.

  • Communicator - assist with answering phones, checking emails, connecting with donors for upcoming conferences and events.
  • Technology administrator - assist with newsletter production, resource development, marketing materials, and data entry. Office volunteers should be familiar with Microsoft applications, Google applications, Gmail, and using the Internet.

Student Organizing Committee
Purpose: Facilitate program planning, working with youth in their leadership and program planning development and supporting LGBTQ youth through creative programs.

  • Program Planner - collaborate with LGBTQ youth and community partners to develop programs for LGBTQ youth across Washington State.
  • Organizer - assist with the details of planning multiple programs and provide support to committee chair.
  • Jumpstart Program Liaison - the Jumpstart program works directly with K-12 school's gay-straight alliance clubs. Provide support, assistance and encouragement of GLSEN programs.


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