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Additional Federal Legislation Initiatives

In addition to GLSEN’s top federal priorities, the Safe Schools Improvement Act and the Student Non-Discrimination Act, we also monitor and lend support for a number of other bills that affect LGBT youth. Check out some of those bills below:

Employment Non-Discrimination Act While you legally can’t be fired because of your race, religion, gender, national origin, age, or disability, you can be in many states because of your sexual orientation or gender identity. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act would ensure that sexual orientation and gender identity are not barriers to getting and keeping a job.

Every Child Deserves a Family Act More than 100,000 youth in the foster care system are eligible for adoption, but many state laws, policies and practices exclude potential adoptive and foster parents solely because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The Every Child Deserves a Family Act will remove these barriers and expand access to loving, permanent homes.

Respect for Marriage Act Marriage equality is spreading across the country, but same-sex couples married in states that recognize it still lack more than 1,100 federal benefits and protections. The Respect for Marriage Act would repeal the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act, a law that bans the federal government from recognizing legal same-sex marriages. Passage of the Respect for Marriage Act will allow the federal government to treat married same-sex couples equally.

Tyler Clementi Higher Education Anti-Harassment Act While GLSEN’s work is K-12 focused, we want students who go on to higher education to have welcoming, supportive and safe college campuses. The Tyler Clementi Higher Education Anti-Harassment Act would for the first time, require publicly funded universities and colleges to establish enumerated anti-harassment policies. The bills would also provide funding to universities and colleges to either create or expand anti-harassment policies, and would also officially recognize cyber-bullying as a form of harassment.

Uniting American Families Act The federal government allows U.S. citizens to sponsor their spouses for immigration purposes, but same-sex partners of citizens are not considered spouses. The Uniting American Families Act would allow U.S. citizens in bi-national same-sex relationships to sponsor their spouses for immigration, a critical step toward ending discrimination against same-sex bi-national couples.

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