No Name-Calling Week High School (9-12) Lessons

No Name-Calling Week is the perfect opportunity to discuss issues of respect, inclusion and acceptance in your school.
Social Studies, Literature, Health and many other high school classes as well as clubs are great places to integrate the lessons here. Use these plans independently or in conjunction with a broader No Name-Calling Week celebration Let us know you're participating by registering here!
Are You Part of the In-Crowd
Students think about the impact of group labels and social hierarchies on their sense of identity, self-esteem, and the way they socialize with others
Beauty is Skin Deep
Students explore their experiences or with name-calling based on physical appearance
Blow the Whistle on Name-Calling
Students develop a strategy for group self-monitoring of name-calling in Physical Education classes
Learning About Labels
Students explore the damage that applying labels on people based on stereotypes can have.
Using Film to End Anti-LGBT Name-Calling: Lights, Camera, Action
Students create their own anti‐bullying film.
We’re All Different Alike
An opportunity for students to feel united with their peers by both their similarities and their differences
What’s In a Name
Students consider the extent to which name-calling is a part of their lives and the damage that name-calling can have 
Video: Straightlaced: How Gender’s Got Us All Tied Up
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